Instruction guide/warranty terms for BBQ Smoker:  (models: Q 700, Q 1000, Q 1250)


Before usage read the instruction guide. The device is for outdoor usage only. The device operates on wood heating.
Safety requirements:

•    Operating device must not be left unattended.
•    Using the device is forbidden to children.
•    The device is for outdoor usage only.
•    The device is meant for specific purposes only.
•    During operating, the device heats up and may cause burns.
•    Don’t move the device during operating.
•    Don’t try to remove any parts from the operating device.
•    Don’t keep inflammable substances near the operating device.
•    Don’t ever use a device that is not technically functional.
•    Don’t use a partially assembled device – make sure all the details are installed (trays, chimneys, thermometer).

Parts of the device:

Cooking chamber in which there are:
•    Stainless steel grills (2 pcs). NB! Model Q1250 has steel grills.
•    Water pan (1 pcs)
•    Drip pans (2-3 pcs). Models Q 700 and Q 1000 have 2 psc and model Q 1250 has 3 pcs.
•    Spray paint +600°C black (for color repairs to repair paint damage caused by excessive heat)

Heating chamber in which there are:
•    Ash tray
•    Cast iron grill
•    Front grill of the Smoker (1 pcs)
•    Chimneys (2 pcs)
•    Chimney securing bolts with nuts and washers ( 8 pcs)
•    Thermometer (1 pcs)

•    Charcoal tray.
Charcoal tray also enables to grill. The tray is placed on the bottom of the water pan, the drip pans are removed. Charcoal or briquette is added in the tray and the device functions as a charcoal grill. Ash resulting from the grilling gathers into the water pan. Before the next BBQ-ing the ash from the water pan must be removed.


The device is pre-collected in the factory – only chimneys and thermometer must be installed and bolts must be tightened.
Before usage:
1.    Remove all packaging parts from inside and outside the Smoker.
2.    Install the chimneys and the thermometer.
3.    Tighten the bolts.
4.    Place the trays and the gridiron in the right position.
5.    Place the Smoker on a solid, flat and fireproof surface.
6.    Place a 1-2kg piece of high fat content meat, like bacon or lard, on the cooking grill.
7.    Add a little (about a liter) water in the water pan.
8.    Light the fire in the heating chamber and heat the Smoker about 1-2 hours, keeping the temperature at about +120°C.
9.    Keep the chimney valves open, so that technical oils could burn out from inside the oven.
10.    Make sure there is always about one liter of water in the water pan.
11.    After the procedure let the oven cool down.
12.    The meat is not edible after this procedure (not for pets also).

The point of seasoning is that technical oils burn out from the Smoker and the inner walls of the Smoker will get a protective coating of soot. During the process, the temperature rises so high, that the paint might flake off from the heating
chamber. This can be solved by use of spray paint available in the kit. First, the flaked off paint must be removed (with a brush or cloth) and then paint with spray paint. The paint achieves final hardness after the first heating. This process is not exactly necessary but it maintains the aesthetic appearance of the Smoker.

Before cooking:

1.    Check that the thermometer and the chimneys are installed.
2.    Check that the bolts are tightened.
3.    Check that the water and drip pans are installed and clean.
4.    Use wood with a low tar-content (alder, fruit trees, oak).
5.    The wood should be dry as wet wood can cause soot. Do not use lighting liquid.
6.    Before putting in the food, pre-heat the Smoker to 100-120°C.
7.    Add water to water pan, if needed.

During cooking:

1.    Observe that the temperature stays within the norms (depending on the food prepared, the temperature range can differ).
2.    Observe that there is enough water in the water pan (meat need water, fish doesn’t).
3.    The temperature can also be adjusted using ventilation: chimney valves, oven door, and ash tray. By closing the
holes temperature rises, by opening them it drops. Adjustment of the temperature doesn’t take place immediately after opening or closing the holes. Depending on the situation, it may take a few minutes. If the temperature rises very high, it can, in exceptional circumstances, be lowered by leaving a gap between the lid of the heating chamber. The temperature can also be lowered by adding water into the water pan.
4.    Observe that the smoke coming out from the chimneys is white.
5.    Observe that plastic, paper, cigarette butts and other garbage is not thrown into the heating chamber.

Cleaning the inside of the oven – grills can be cleaned using a brush, that way removing dirt, burnt onto the grills.
Before cleaning drip and water pans, all liquid (fat, water) must be poured away. Pans can be rinsed with water. It is not recommended to use any detergents on any inside parts of the oven.
Cleaning the outside of the Smoker – the outside can be cleaned with water, detergents can be used for removing grease.

How to deal with possible errors and gain a delicious final result:

 Error:  Origin:   Advice:
 The chimney won’t draft.  All valves are totally shut.

The ash tray is full of ashes.

 Check the position of the valves.

Empty the ash tray.


 The Smoker smudges.  Wet wood, wrong kind of wood. Use only dry wood. Use wood with a low tar-content (alder, fruit trees, oak).


Black (dark) smoke.  Wrong wood or the Smoker is cold.. Use only dry wood. Use wood with a low tar-content. Wait until the oven reaches a higher temperature.


 Paint flakes off.  Too high temperature in some areas. The oven is painted +400°C heat-resistant paint. +600°C black spray paint comes with the oven. Correct the defects, following instructions on the paint bottle.


 The food gets dry.  Too high temperature. Water has evaporated from the water pan. Lower the temperature and/or add water into the water pan.


 Food looks (and tastes) as if boiled.  Too much humidity. Add less water. Excessive humidity prevents the smoke from absorbing.


 Food has too little smoky flavor.  Too much humidity.


 Add less water.


 The meat is not burnt but still tough. Too low temperature.

Too little humidity.

Rise the temperature in the end of cooking. Add water if necessary.


You can find more information and tips about BBQ-ing from our website

•    The device and its components have a 24-month manufacturing and material warranty. Warranty applies only with purchase document.
•    Warranty doesn’t apply for teaching use, maintenance, cleaning or restoring commercial appearance of the device, or fixing such defects that are caused by not following the instructions.
•    Warranty doesn’t apply for normal wearing of the device, corrosion of components and fixing defects originating
from that. This also goes for the defects that are not important from the standpoint of usage (scratches, etc.).
•    Warranty doesn’t apply for flaking off of the paint on the heating chamber, chimney and in the lower part of the
heating chamber due to temperature. One bottle of black +600°C heat-resistant spray paint is added in the kit for that purpose.
•    If in the device or its components appears a defect during warranty, contact the retailer.

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